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Conflict with In-Laws

It has been said that Adam and Eve were the happiest couple because they had no in-laws.

Conflict with In-Laws

There are hundreds of stories with the common theme of “trouble with the in-laws.” It has been said that Adam and Eve were the luckiest couple…because they had no in-laws! It’s challenging enough just getting along with one person most of the time, but we marry their whole family, too. Often, we discover we had very different expectations about the role of in-laws than our partner does. You may be feeling like your spouse sides with your in-laws, and this can leave you feeling left out, betrayed, or like you’re not measuring up. These conflicts can be very hard on the spouse who feels caught in the middle between two people they love, and can have a negative impact on the marriage and on children.

Our counsellors can help you and your spouse find your own way as the primary team.

We will help you agree on:

  • boundaries, roles, and the meaning that extended family has to both of you,
  • a solution to an issue that is fair and workable by everyone, or build coping skills to better deal with the situation as it is, and
  • strengthen your marriage relationship and bring more harmony to your family.

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