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Separation and Divorce

Reducing the impact, strategies for a new life.

Separation and Divorce

You have already made the decision to separate or divorce, we know that’s not easy; the last thing anyone wants is for this change to do little more than to open up a dozen new topics to fight about, but it happens. Separating brings with it a new set of challenges. You’ll need to negotiate a whole host of issues, like dividing your mutual belongings and assets. What about the kids? What about your pets? Your mutual friends? These can be emotional conversations to have.

Particularly with children involved, anger, hysteria, or coldness directed at a spouse can be emotionally destructive to a child, so it is critical that this whole process be handled with grace. Of course, it is extremely difficult to stay calm, graceful, and kind throughout a divorce. We will give you solutions to get through it with dignity preserved and a healthy co-parenting relationship afterwards. We know that the biggest negative impact of divorce on children is ongoing fighting between the parents. We can help you work through the divorce process and communicate with each other more effectively, for the children’s sake.

Our family counsellors have specialized knowledge about

  • how various aspects of separation affect children and teens
  • how to avoid common pitfalls
  • how to help youth directly to make peace with the separation and benefit from the support of others besides their parents
  • how to manage a family crisis during separation or divorce

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