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We are a network of Calgary psychologists, marriage counsellors and Calgary therapists who specialize in helping people overcome the hurdles that sometimes make life, relationships, school and work difficult. Coming from diverse cultural backgrounds and from every facet of society, we are passionate about what we do. We provide individual counselling, couples and marriage counseling, as well as family and group counselling. We offer workshops and seminars on various topics as needs arise. We believe we are part of a client’s broader community.  Attending therapy is part of a client’s normal activities. We endeavor to make our voice one among those of family, friends, colleagues etc. To this end we work hard to create a strong alliance with clients and use this new and stronger team against the client’s presenting problem. We believe that people are resilient and are already working to overcome their difficulties. We believe people have a long history of winning against their problems even in small ways. We thus seek to create a collaborative environment where the client and therapist work together and join their ideas, wisdom and resources in coming up with solutions and a way forward. We believe that with the necessary support clients can paint a picture of their preferred life and can be assisted to find helpful ways to move towards that life and future. With us you will find a warm, professional and therapeutic environment in which we can together discover and develop solutions to help you find on your way.

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Amy Marshall, MN MC (Counselling), CCC

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Amy is a Canadian Certified Counsellor who aims to create a genuine, nurturing, empathic, and healing atmosphere for her clients. She graduated with a Masters of Nursing degree from the University of Calgary. She also has a Masters of Counselling degree from Athabasca University. Amy completed her counselling internship at the Calgary Family Therapy Centre. She has extensive experience counselling couples during the transition to parenthood and with women who are experiencing depression and or anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum.

Amy is a member of the College of Alberta Psychologists. She is a Level II Gottman Couples Therapy Graduate who is in the process of becoming a Registered Psychologist under the supervision of Charles Coleman.

Amy’s approach to counselling is relational, systemic, and narrative in nature. She is passionate about using her nursing and counselling background to work with clients experiencing challenges associated with important life transitions or illness experiences. When working with couples, Amy works collaboratively with clients to identify patterns of interaction that are contributing to relational difficulties so that more healthy patterns of interaction can be established and strengthened.

Amy enjoys reading, yoga, walking, nature, and time with friends. She is most passionate about lifelong learning and spending time with her family.

Areas of Specialization: Couple and Relationship counselling, Pregnancy and Postpartum adjustment, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, and Depression.

Don Braun, M.Ed

Registered Psychologist

Don is a Registered Psychologist serving Calgary and Southern Alberta. He has been joyfully working with children and families in the region since 1991 and has extensive experience working with pre-school children all the way to adults. He specializes in Psycho-Educational Assessment and enjoys supporting children and youth experiencing academic, social, and emotional challenges, as well as adults working through life and career transitions. Don's long-time work as an educator allows him to support families as they navigate school systems and post-secondary education.

Areas of Specialization: Psycho-Educational Assessment, academic aptitude and achievement testing, ADD/ADHD

Simone McCreary, M.Sc.

Registered Psychologist

Simone brings her genuine compassion and positivity into her work as a counsellor for adults, couples, and youth. She attained a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology at the University of Calgary before earning her Masters of Science in Counselling Psychology. She completed internships at Springbank High School and at the Calgary Counselling Centre and is currently registered as a psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. Simone has completed Levels I, II, & III of Gottman Couples Therapy Training.

Her approach to counselling is founded on a relationship of mutual respect and teamwork with her clients. From this base, she strives to first thoroughly understand clients’ challenges and strengths, then collaborates with them to identify and carry out effective, creative, and personalized solutions. In working with couples, she endeavours to make the process of counselling rewarding and enjoyable, helping them to foster greater appreciation, love, and passion for each other while simultaneously working to resolve areas of conflict.

Simone enjoys dinners with friends and family, travel, and comedy. She stays active by running, hiking with her two dogs, yoga, snowboarding, and dancing. She is passionate about lifelong learning, health, and appreciating each moment.

Areas of Specialization: Stress & Anxiety, Increasing Willpower, Self-Esteem, Procrastination, ADHD, Mindfulness Meditation, Romantic Couple Relationships, Youth, Play Based Counselling for Children aged 2 - 12

Kelsey Haley-Humphries, MA

Registered Psychologist

Kelsey Haley-Humphries is a Registered Psychologist who has experience working with clients in Calgary and surrounding areas. She completed her Undergraduate degree at St. Mary’s University College, and was one of four students to graduate that year with the new four year Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree. She completed her Masters of Counselling at City University and went on to complete her residency in both counselling and assessment with Rockyview School Board and private practice.

Her experiences in counselling and assessment during her career continue to shape her practice so she can better support her clients and their families to help them navigate the education system. Kelsey provides psycho-educational and cognitive assessments to clients from the age of 3 to adults. She has experience identifying and making recommendations for clients with various learning styles, learning disorders, emotional difficulties, and above average abilities. She finds working with students extremely rewarding and loves having the opportunity to spend time getting to know each child to provide the best support she can.

Areas of Specialization: Psycho-educational assessment, Cognitive assessment, Learning Disorders, ADD/ADHD

Charles Coleman, MA, RMFT

Director, Registered Psychologist

Charles is a Calgary counsellor and Calgary marital therapist who is an empathic and dynamic listener. He is passionate about helping people live out their full potential and overcome hurdles that get in their way. An avid learner, Charles started his education with a BSc. in Zoology before deciding to move into Psychology. He acquired a diploma in PsychoEducation Guidance and Counselling from the University of Calgary and a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from City University, Bellevue, Washington. He has further training in couples therapy and is in the process of becoming a Gottman Certified Therapist (completed Level III).

He is currently registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists with whom he is an approved supervisor. He enjoys mentoring and developing the next generation of psychologists. He holds clinical membership with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and is enrolled in a PhD program.

Charles has lived and traveled internationally spending over 20 years in various cultures and speaking three languages. He enjoys competitive team sports, reading 'real life’ stories and spending quality time with friends and family around food. He is now learning Spanish ~ Ola!

Areas of Specialization: Improving Couple Relationships, Working through Infidelity; Dissolving the Constant Fights; Making sense of Blended Families, Anger Management and Skype Counselling.

Saneeta Saunders

Registered Psychologist

Saneeta is an experienced psychologist, registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists, who has a Doctoral Degree in Psychology. She has practiced as a psychologist in Calgary for over a decade, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice. She specializes in providing therapy/counseling to adult individuals struggling with a broad range of life problems and mental health conditions.

Saneeta is also a well-rounded person who is experienced in life, having worked and lived in three countries across three continents. She returned to school in her late-twenties and began her long journey towards becoming a clinical psychologist, first completing her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto, then her Masters and Doctoral Degrees at Concordia University in Montreal, then did an intensive year-long psychology residency with the Calgary Health Region, before beginning her practice as a psychologist. She has worked widely in various settings including private practice, outpatient mental health clinics, and she also has valuable experience from having worked in hospital settings including medical and mental health units.

Saneeta believes in the unique potential of everyone she meets. She has an open nature, and a warm, accepting, and compassionate style, where clients can safely let their true selves emerge and work through the issues that brought them to therapy. Saneeta is trained and experienced in various forms of psychotherapy including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Trauma Focused Therapies. She expertly and flexibly integrates the various therapies, tailoring interventions to meet the unique needs and goals of her clients, with a focus on restoring health, wellbeing, and balance in life.

Saneeta has extensive experience helping adult individuals struggling with a wide range of mental health issues and life problems, including: Depression; Anxiety; Stress; Trauma; unhelpful Personality Patterns; Self-Esteem/Self Confidence issues; Self-Identity issues; Addictions; Loss/Grief; Physical Health issues; Autism Spectrum/Aspergers; ADHD; Relationship Issues; Work/Career issues; Life Transitions; Aging, etc.

Jaylene Bettcher

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Jaylene is passionate about supporting individuals to achieve their greatest potential, and believes that this requires creativity, an individualized treatment model and a holistic approach. Jaylene completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Lethbridge, and her Master of Education in School and Applied Child Psychology at the University of Calgary. Her sense of adventure took her to Kamloops, British Columbia where she was employed as a Mental Health Clinician at Child and Youth Mental Health (through BC Ministry of Children and Family Development) and a Certified School Psychologist at School District No. 73 (Kamloops-Thompson).

Jaylene is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists, under the supervision of Charles Coleman. She is trained and works with all populations using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Trauma Informed), Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills, and Emotion-Focused Family Therapy. In addition to counselling, Jaylene is experienced in psycho-educational assessments to inform intervention and programming needs for children in school. She has recently attained her certification in clinical autism assessment (ADOS-2 and ADI-R). She especially enjoys working with children and youth, and their families, and believes that change is made when individuals feel safe, heard, and valued by caregivers and professionals alike.

Jaylene is an optimistic and energetic individual who enjoys expressing herself through art, music, and culinary creations, and is fascinated by travel and culture. She enjoys playing and watching team sports (is a fantasy hockey fanatic), as well as running, hiking, and biking in the Kananaskis with her partner.

Areas of Specialization: Psycho-educational assessments, Specific Learning Disorders, Giftedness, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, play based/creative therapy for children and youth, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma.